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#310 fixed Debug build configuration looks for nonexistent libraries Alex Taylor

Switching a Qt4 project to debug mode with

CONFIG += debug console

causes build to fail with the error message

weakld: cannot open library file '<path>\QtGuid_s.a'

which is caused by the generated Makefile line

LIBS = -Le:\usr\lib -lQtGuid -lQtCored

A search both locally and using 'yum provides' indicates that no library named QtGuid?* exists anywhere.

Changing the above Makefile line to specify -lQtGui4 and -lQtCore4 allows build to complete, although presumably debug traces within the Qt4 runtime itself will not be possible.

#227 fixed Debug verison of QMake used after bootstrap rudi

When the bootstrap version of QMake (generated by configure.cmd) gets replaced by the "real" one (generared from the debug version of the tool is copied to the "bin" directory and therefore used in the subsequent build process.

#155 wontfix Depend on WarpIn 1.0.20 Dmitry A. Kuminov

This is a continuation of #146. When WarpIn? 1.0.20 is out, we should revert r736 and r737 to restore the more advanced behavior.

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