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#173 fixed Arora drawing problem while dragging rudi

The Arora browser allows a bookmark to be dragged out of the "History" menu using the left mouse button. On OS/2 this will cause a screen update error. This happens in in both DIVE and GPI modes.

I noticed an interresting difference in behaviour between OS/2 and Windows: While in Windows the menu stays open until the item is dropped, in OS/2 it closes immediately when the drag begins. It looks like this is part of the problem...

#174 fixed DIVE mode not always disabled on Panorama rudi

Our quick Panorama detection hack in gui/painting/qwindowsurface_pm.cpp fails in case the user has multiple GRADDs or GREEXTs installed. In this case the envoronment variables "C1" and "GREEXT" may contain several comma-separated words.

We should either check each word individually or choose a contains(...). Also it might be good to ignore the case.

#175 fixed Fix WebKit useragent string rudi

Currently our WebKit? identifies itself as:

Mozilla/5.0 (Unknown; U; OS/2; en-US)  ....

We should use the same semantics for platform and subplatform as Firefox does:

Mozilla/5.0 (OS/2; U; Warp 4.5; en-US; rv: ....

It's located file src/3rdparty/webkit/WebKit/qt/Api/qwebpage.cpp. We might need some way to determine the OS version.

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