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#8 Make msvcrt.dll build defect major
#15 Add own setjmp()/longjmp() enhancement major
#18 SetWindowSubclass API is broken. defect minor low
#25 Get Pidgin to work under Odin abwillis defect minor 0.8.5 low
#35 Investigate failures in low memory conditions enhancement major
#38 Improve Error Messages - Enable Quiet Mode /Q enhancement trivial
#42 Sound record defect major
#48 Certain text does not display in pop ups defect Feedback Pending 0.8.9 high
#53 TCPIP Headers task minor low
#58 winrar password box defect major low
#62 Check resource leaks in TerminateThread()/ExitThread() task major medium
#71 GDI fullscreen support enhancement minor 0.8.x low
#75 Problems with multiple initialization of WGSS50.DLL defect minor 0.8.x low
#88 Lotus Notes 8 no longer works defect major 0.8.5 medium
#91 Provide SDK for Odin builds task minor 0.8.7 low
#92 gdi32: add stub for GetUnicodeRanges enhancement minor 0.8.7 medium
#94 missing msimg32.dll defect major 0.8.8 medium
#97 Problem using Odin with ppview32.exe defect minor 0.8.9 low
#101 Large File Handling not working defect major 0.8.9 medium
#102 CPU hog when certain apps are minimized defect minor 0.8.9 medium
#103 Keyboard focus lost under newer JavaRDP builds (16-1.1 and above) defect minor 0.8.9 medium
#106 Crash in FILT.DLL when using Flash in Firefox 17 defect major 0.8.9 medium
#107 Add DINPUT8.DLL task major 0.8.9 medium
#108 Assertion in CreateThread (KERNEL32) defect major 0.8.9 medium
#110 EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) defect major 0.8.9 medium
#111 Generated ODIN.INI references W16ODIN.EXE, though this file is not present defect trivial 0.8.9 very low
#112 GameMaker Studio fails to load with non-existing api KERNEL32.DLL -> GetConsoleWindow enhancement major 0.8.9 high
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