Apr 23, 2019:

2:51 AM Ticket #377 (1_41_RC4 is incredibly slow reading PDFs over network) created by darcio
I have the latest Lucide test version installed and as I attempted to …

Mar 29, 2019:

11:52 AM Ticket #376 (Attempting to open a PDF file causes a trap in OPENJP27) closed by diver
fixed: nope all is done. as soon as libcn (new libc) is ready to be moved to …

Mar 16, 2019:

3:49 PM Ticket #376 (Attempting to open a PDF file causes a trap in OPENJP27) created by darcio
Using Lucide 1.41 RC_4 (2019-01-08) release here. Attempting to open a …

Mar 11, 2019:

3:44 PM Ticket #327 (Lucide 1.4.0 beta runs very slowly...) reopened by shmuel
12:25 AM Ticket #375 (Page number input fields are extremely user unfriendly.) created by dazarewicz
Normally, in previous versions, you could click on a page number input …

Mar 4, 2019:

3:26 PM Ticket #374 (Postscript Printer Xerox Phaser 8550DP prints PS-code only!) created by Pecos8
The Arca system is up to date (5.03 and yum). But Lucide is only …

Mar 2, 2019:

6:18 PM Ticket #361 (It should be possible to clear the search highlighting by searching on ...) reopened by lewisr
Actually, this is not working for me. I have to go back to where I …

Mar 1, 2019:

7:08 PM Ticket #373 (Inconsistent font for fill-in fields) created by lewisr
When completing a fill-in PDF, the font used when typing sometimes is …

Feb 28, 2019:

6:32 AM Ticket #372 (Exception when saving previously saved fill-in PDF) created by lewisr
I opened a PDF fill-in which was partially filled in. I unchecked a …
6:10 AM Ticket #273 (Better file save) closed by lewisr
fixed: Confirmed fixed in 1.4.1 GA.

Feb 21, 2019:

7:59 PM Changeset [702] by rbri
fix some missing german translations

Feb 18, 2019:

11:04 PM Ticket #338 (Thumbnails: value of the cbValue field of the FEA2 structure is set ...) closed by gyoung
10:58 PM Ticket #238 (Will only save the first time entries are made into form document.) closed by gyoung
fixed: Added save for forms
10:56 PM Ticket #181 (Allow Save As to save to the same file) closed by gyoung
fixed: This has been implemented but is currently limited fill in forms
10:53 PM Ticket #359 (Makefile changes needed to sync with current build layout) closed by gyoung
fixed: Multiple CS
10:49 PM Ticket #349 (Change the "Save As" FOC behaviour to allow selection of TARGET filename) closed by gyoung
fixed: Note this was specific to the IBM FOC CS 690
10:45 PM Ticket #361 (It should be possible to clear the search highlighting by searching on ...) closed by gyoung
fixed: This traps sometimes. Which was fixed by CS [700]
5:50 PM Changeset [701] by gyoung
Updated make files and documentation for 1.41 GA
5:48 PM Changeset [700] by gyoung
Fix a trap when searching on a NULL string

Feb 10, 2019:

9:25 PM Ticket #352 (Remove license text from WIS (and call from pck 1)) closed by gyoung
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