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This is just notes that will be reordered and elaborated on later.

What to look out for…

  • dos.m4 - Add && !defined __OS2__ to the long #if statement. See [3345] for an example.
  • po.m4 - Fix the root slash detections. See [3344] for an example.
  • Absolute paths. Try get rid of these, if not possible prefix with /@unixroot or $UNIXROOT.
  • Check for CYGWIN, WIN32, WINDOWS, MINGW or similar defines.
  • Add calls to _wildcard(&argc, &argv); _response(&argc, &argv); in the main function of tools that it may be more useful if the supported wildcard and response files when invoked from a non-kNIX shell.
  • Check if there is a lib/system.h and check the SET_BINARY_MODE definition.
  • Tools reading stdin or writing to stdout, needs to be checked in respect to binary/text mode translation. This isn't as simple as just doing setmode on stdin and stdout in main...
  • aclocal,, atconfig and in testcase directories (typically tests). Fix the PATHs and other stuff they mess with.

The .m4 files to are usually located in a m4 or config subdirectory.