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*libc -> kLIBC

Welcome to InnoTek LIBC

kLIBC (formerly known as the InnoTek LIBC) is a C runtime library in which the coder is exploring The Single Unix Specification (SUS) and various *BSD, Sun and Linux interfaces used in 'portable' software. While implementing SUS completely and providing a great range of special BSD, Sun and Linux APIs is a kind of ultimate goal, the main focus is on what is interesting to play with and what is requested by porters using kLIBC.

This repository includes not only the kLIBC but also the toolchain (GCC, Binutils, EMX), various important tools (ash, coreutils?, gettext?, autoconf?,++) and a base layout for a kLIBC unix compartment.

People wanting to build kLIBC should go to the BuildLibc page.

If you want to contribute to kLIBC or if you have any questions please use our new mailinglist. You can either subscribe to it as mailinglist (send an email to libc-user-subscribe@…) or you can read it via a mail and news interface at

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