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The Unix Penthouse Apartement

LIBC provides OS/2 with a chroot environment. A chroot environment is usually called a 'jail' on *BSD and Linux because of it's capabilities to isolate programs running inside it. The LIBC chroot environment is not trying to isolate anything, it's trying to provide an special place where unix programs can feel more at home. In the LIBC chroot environment '/' is redefined to be the Unix root, while '[A-Za-z]:' keeps it's usual meanings. Anyone inside the chroot environment can pop out of it by calling chdir("[A-Za-z]:...") and get back in with chdir("/...") . Using the UNIXROOT environment variable it's also possible to figure out what the partent directory of '/' is and access it (since UNIXROOT will start with a drive letter). So, since it isn't any kind of