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This is some early thoughts on the process of building LIBC and the other tools in the LIBC repository. People with better english skills and first hand experience in doing this stuff from scratch are welcome to help filling in the gaps.

Select Source Tree

Before even checking out the sources, you have to decide which sources to get. There are the following options:

Checking Out The Tree

Setting Up The Build Environment

Required Tools

Doing The Build

About Releasing

It is not permitted for anyone other than the release engineer (i.e. bird) to publish libc builds using the natural series of dll names, since this will cause confusion among users and incompatibility between the official releases and your releases. Not complying with this simple rule is a sure way of pissing people of, at least bird.

The natural series is expressed by this regexp '/libc[0-9][0-9][0-9]*[abr]*[0-9]*\.dll$/'. Examples: libc05.dll, libc06.dll, libc06a1.dll, libc06b4.dll, libc06r2.dll, libc07r1.dll, libc10.dll, and libc100a.dll