Aug 8, 2016:

2:02 PM Ticket #365 (Correction to makefiles to make LIBC build under RPM toolchain) created by dmik
There are a few small glitches, the patch is attached.
2:00 PM Ticket #364 (Support more OS/2 APIRET codes to convert to errno) created by dmik
In particular, ERROR_TIMEOUT from Dos*Wait* functions (e.g. waiting on …
1:49 PM Ticket #363 (Global thread data in child is not reset after fork) created by dmik
This may cause various failures like the one described in …

Aug 4, 2016:

3:04 PM Ticket #362 (Incorrect __KLIBC_ARG_MASK usage in __spawnve) created by dmik
This mask is ANDed as is while I believe it should be ANDed inverted. …

Aug 3, 2016:

8:05 PM Ticket #361 (Broken log group selection) created by dmik
It's impossible to select which groups to log via an environment …

Jul 13, 2016:

11:27 PM Ticket #360 (Path rewriter affected paths cause crashes in forked child) created by dmik
Involving paths registered in the kLIBC path rewriter causes a crash …

Jun 6, 2016:

3:49 PM Ticket #359 (Export _sys_set_errno / __libc_native2errno) created by dmik
It would be very handy to these two functions exported from the LIBC …

May 12, 2016:

9:59 PM Ticket #358 (iconv_open()) created by diver
iconv_open() does not work, when after the codepage some more info …
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