Feb 18, 2016:

7:57 AM Ticket #314 (open x: as DASD not a dir) reopened by komh
It would be good to implement this with /dev/drivex mapping, where x …
7:33 AM Ticket #347 (Make stdint.h be aware of C++11) closed by komh
duplicate: Move ticket:297#comment:1
7:25 AM Ticket #346 (Do not include stdint.h in 386/builtin.h) closed by komh
invalid: This is not a problem of 386/builtin.h including stdint.h, but of …

Jan 23, 2016:

10:19 AM Ticket #354 (Export DLL symbols and create implib with gcc) created by komh
Hi/2. There are tools to do this. They are dllar and kdllar. dllar is …

Dec 26, 2015:

7:48 PM Changeset [3947] by bird
safesems.c: Use DosCloseMutexSemEx? to close semaphore created by …

Dec 21, 2015:

10:46 PM Ticket #353 (Provide poll implementation) created by dmik
The poll() implementation is currently missing form libc. It can be …

Dec 9, 2015:

10:22 PM Ticket #352 (GCC 4 barfs on _PFN definition in os2emx.h) created by dmik
If you pass the -Wstrict-prototypes option to GCC 4, an attempt to …
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