May 4, 2015:

7:12 AM Ticket #345 (sbrk() and high-memory) created by KO Myung-Hun
Hi/2. sbrk() seems not to support high-memory, maybe brk(), too. For …

Apr 1, 2015:

7:23 PM Ticket #344 (fcntl(F_DUPFD) sets wrong errno) created by dmik
If you pass an invalid file descriptor to the fcntl(F_DUPFD) call, …

Mar 30, 2015:

1:30 PM Ticket #343 (exec deliberately escapes double quotes) created by dmik
I found out that the exec* call (and spawn as well I assume) …

Feb 25, 2015:

9:27 AM Ticket #340 (Mediatomb does not work after yum update (on netlabs-exp channel)) closed by Silvan Scherrer
invalid: I really doubt this is a libc problem at all. Please update libc again …

Feb 7, 2015:

1:03 PM Changeset [3946] by bird
SafeWinUpper? -> SafeWinUpper?.c.

Feb 4, 2015:

1:21 PM Ticket #342 (spawn passes commands to shell as is instead of as a command) created by dmik
Given these environment settings: […] and this INSTALL file: …
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