Oct 3, 2014:

2:02 PM Ticket #313 (fpathconf() returns 14 for _PC_NAME_MAX if a handle is a directory) created by komh
Hi/2. fpathconf() returns 14(_POSIX_NAME_MAX) instead of …
1:56 PM Ticket #311 (FPU control word is altered at startup) closed by komh
duplicate: Sorry, this ticket was created twice. See ticket #312.
11:28 AM Ticket #312 (FPU control word is altered at startup) created by komh
Hi/2. It is well known that some dlls alter FPU CW but do not restore …
11:27 AM Ticket #311 (FPU control word is altered at startup) created by komh
Hi/2. It is well known that some dlls alter FPU CW but do not restore …

Oct 2, 2014:

2:52 PM Ticket #310 (pathconf() fails if '.' or a path with trailing slash is passed) created by komh
Hi/2. As a subject, pathconf() fails.

Oct 1, 2014:

8:12 AM Ticket #309 (stat() for '\..' should fail) created by komh
Hi/2. stat() for '\..' should fail. A parent of root is invalid.

Sep 30, 2014:

1:53 AM Ticket #308 (__spawnvpe() and interperter search) created by komh
Hi/2. Current __spawnvpe() searches a interpreter in this order. …

Sep 29, 2014:

10:23 PM Ticket #180 (libc: spawnvpe adds default extention (.exe) preventing execution of ...) closed by dmik
duplicate: I'm closing this one in favor of #300 as it contains a patch and also …

Sep 28, 2014:

11:37 AM Ticket #307 (argv[0] of shell script interpreter) created by komh
Hi/2. argv[0] should be a program itself. However, if spawn() a shell …

Sep 26, 2014:

5:35 AM Ticket #306 (g++ -v fails) created by komh
Hi/2. g++ -v requires a input file and return an error status. Due to …

Sep 25, 2014:

12:26 PM Ticket #305 (O_NONBLOCK and a named pipe) created by komh
Hi/2. O_NONBLOCK of fcntl() does not work on a named pipe. It would …

Sep 24, 2014:

7:13 AM Ticket #304 (stat() and trailing dots) created by komh
Hi/2. If passing a name with trailing dots to stat(), then stat() …

Sep 19, 2014:

11:57 AM Ticket #303 (__spawnvpe: Support more than 32K of arguments and 32KB enviroment.) created by komh
OS/2 only allows up to 32KB long string lists for arguments and 32KB …

Sep 11, 2014:

4:59 AM Ticket #302 (setmode() behavior) created by komh
Hi/2. setmode() works on every file handles, unconditionally. But it …

Sep 10, 2014:

5:07 AM Ticket #301 (emxomf: type_size: cannot compute size for tag 4) created by komh
Hi/2. When I make a debug build of qt4 plugin of VLC, emxomf failed …

Sep 4, 2014:

11:48 PM Ticket #300 (Make spawnvpe support extension-less executables) created by dmik
The current version of spawnpe() unconditionally adds an .exe

Sep 3, 2014:

3:03 PM Ticket #299 (freopen() returns NULL even if it is successful) created by komh
Hi/2. Like the subject, freopen() returns NULL even if it is …

Aug 28, 2014:

2:28 AM Ticket #298 (path for cc1 and cc1plus is missing) created by komh
Hi/2. When setting gcc env up with gccenv.cmd, path for cc1 and …

Aug 19, 2014:

2:14 PM Ticket #251 (emxomf: option for suppressing symbol truncation messages) closed by dmik
duplicate: I've merged the patch from this ticket with the one from #295 and …

Jul 10, 2014:

2:53 PM Ticket #297 (C++11 support) created by komh
Hi/2. Our libc headers lacks of C++11 standard. Especially, gcc 4.9.0 …
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