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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#291 Add ucontext_t (SA_SIGINFO) to sigaction new enhancement normal libc-0.7
#297 C++11 support new defect normal libc-0.7
#365 Correction to makefiles to make LIBC build under RPM toolchain new defect normal new
#359 Export _sys_set_errno / __libc_native2errno new enhancement normal new
#317 FPU control word safe API wrappers new enhancement normal libc-0.7
#305 O_NONBLOCK and a named pipe new defect normal libc-0.7
#364 Support more OS/2 APIRET codes to convert to errno new defect normal new
#303 __spawnvpe: Support more than 32K of arguments and 32KB enviroment. reopened enhancement low libc-0.7
#339 dllar: rm -f is called in help mode new defect normal new
#295 emxomf warning: Cycle detected by make_type. new defect normal
#156 emxomfld: wlink hll support assigned bird defect normal
#313 fpathconf() returns 14 for _PC_NAME_MAX if a handle is a directory new defect normal libc-0.7
#299 freopen() returns NULL even if it is successful new defect normal libc-0.7
#306 g++ -v fails new defect normal libc-0.7
#314 open x: as DASD not a dir reopened enhancement normal libc-0.7
#310 pathconf() fails if '.' or a path with trailing slash is passed new defect normal libc-0.7
#304 stat() and trailing dots new defect normal libc-0.7
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