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#161 nasm 0.98.xx new bird defect kNIX Bootstrap baselayout
#370 off_t in stdio.h new defect new libc
#373 open is not multiprocess-safe new defect new libc
#314 open x: as DASD not a dir reopened enhancement libc-0.7 libc
#98 openssl 0.9.8a new bird task kNIX Bootstrap baselayout
#310 pathconf() fails if '.' or a path with trailing slash is passed new defect libc-0.7 libc
#367 return value of read() in text mode new defect new libc
#345 sbrk() and high-memory new defect libc-0.7 libc
#244 socklen_t is not declared accepted Yuri Dario defect libc-0.7 libc
#342 spawn passes commands to shell as is instead of as a command new defect new libc
#329 spawn() and a shell script not started with #! new defect libc-0.7 libc
#334 spawn() fails to execute .cmd if COMSPEC is set to /bin/sh new defect libc-0.7 libc
#330 spawn() fails to execute a shell script if a dir whose name is same as an interpreter exists new defect libc-0.7 libc
#383 spawnvpe() fails to execute a script because of EACCES new defect new libc-backend
#304 stat() and trailing dots new defect libc-0.7 libc
#139 stat() fails with errno=2 on RSJ attached file system new bird defect libc-0.7 libc-backend
#328 strcoll() always returns 0 on DBCS codepages new defect libc-0.7 libc
#368 strftime new defect new libc
#380 wcwidth() returns wrong values in some cases new defect new libc
#378 wmemcmp() fails to compare sub-string new defect new libc
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