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#12 emx: Use kBuild new bird defect normal libc-0.7
#13 emx: Review and merge the ELF emxomf changes. new bird defect normal libc-0.7
#45 libc: speed up path resolving new bird enhancement normal libc-0.7
#105 emxomfld: intermediate file name for OMF convertion assigned bird defect normal libc-0.7
#116 emxbind/emximp: Aliased exports - the meaning of N_IMP2 new bird defect normal libc-0.7
#257 Update sys/socket.h with some stuff from latest freebsd headers accepted Yuri Dario enhancement highest libc-0.7
#326 ld and __declspec(dllexport) new defect normal libc-0.7
#327 ld and -Zdll-search new defect normal libc-0.7
#350 Default extensions of the executable output file of gcc new defect normal libc-0.7
#324 emxomfstrip: strip like tool for LX new enhancement normal new
#352 GCC 4 barfs on _PFN definition in os2emx.h new defect normal new
#354 Export DLL symbols and create implib with gcc new enhancement normal new
#376 emxomfld: Invalid WKEXT record new defect normal new
#156 emxomfld: wlink hll support assigned bird defect normal
#252 emxomfld: understand SEGMENTS in .DEF accepted bird defect normal
#295 emxomf warning: Cycle detected by make_type. new defect normal
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