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#162 fixed TCP/IP Configuration app hangs David McKenna

Installed Odin 0.8.4 using YUM and copied new Java into \Programs\Java6. REM'd out 'SET CLASSPATH', 'SET JAVA_HOME', and SET JAVA_HIGH_MEM' lines in CONFIG.SYS. Also changed the JAVA142 entry in 'SET PATH' to JAVA6.

TCP/IP configuration app starts up fine and shuts down fine if I make no change. If I make any change, then when it goes to write the change during shutdown, the app hangs with a dialog saying 'saving' and cannot be closed or killed. I have to reboot to clear the dialog. The change is not made.

#102 invalid Error on screen does not say where you can find the error Joop

[I:\dtp\jalbum_93]jalbum_j160.cmd SYS1804: The system cannot find the file KERNEL32.

What kernel32, where can I find it? Path statements are set correct as far as I can see; This is in the cmd file before JAlbum (in this case) is started. @echo off SET JAVAWS_HOME=i:\JAVA\JAVA160\javaws SET JAVA_HOME=i:\JAVA\JAVA160 set BEGINLIBPATH=i:\JAVA\JAVA160\bin;%BEGINLIBPATH% set pad=%path% set path=i:\JAVA\JAVA160\bin;%pad% I: cd I:\DTP\JAlbum_93

The part of the cmd file comes from the JAlbum 9.3 cmd file for running in Java 1.50. Never got the message can't find KERNEL32. Odin is installed and config.sys is updates, computer did restart correct. Suppose its a path thing, but first I need to know where I can find that KERNEL32 thing.

#103 wontfix Problem running JAlbum 9.3 Joop

Run into problem with JAlbum, solved it more or less with try and error, however when this kind of error is given than NOTHING works anymore including starting programs from the WPS!! You have to reboot. After that got it working after dropping the -Xmx(a number)M.

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