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#206 fixed java.awt.print failes gap

The java.awt.print fails in Java 1.6 (B27) but works in earlier versions.

#182 wontfix java test websites do *not* report icedtea plugin installed and working losepete

Having installed icedtea and glib packages and added path to openjdk\bin to the Path I rebooted.

I then started Seamonkey and checked that about:plugins and also the Addons Manager both show the icedtea plugin. I then visited and

Neither of the above java test websites report java installed and working. I must admit that I have not tried this plugin on any other website - if you want to provide a couple of urls I'll happily test to see if the plugin works on those sites.

#145 invalid java apps fail to display open file dialog losepete

Not sure if this is an odin or java6 problem but Arachnophilia - - fails to display the file open dialog.

The error log generated by this app when trying to open a file contains the following error:- Could not get shell folder ID list

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