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#203 fixed Open file dialog in AWT doesn't work. dmik

If an AWT program shows this dialog, it can't be dismissed and directory navigation doesn't actually work. The details and an example are here:

#202 fixed Make java.awt.TextArea work dmik

Currently the java.awt.TextArea? class is not functioning. Just a black area which is never repainted and gets filled with garbage after some time.

#201 fixed Stall/Hang with Java6 b27 + Odin 0.8.8 dmik jep

I've got two computers that have problems. One AMD Quad Core (hasn't worked before either) and the Laptop Sony Vaio Intel Core i3. The latter used to work with Odin 0.8.7 + Java6 b25 and patches applied as it could run GenealogyJ 3. Now both computers show the same behavior, they stall and hang and the VIO output look faulty as parts of the text seem to be missing (Odin 0.8.7 + Java6 b25). The AMD based computer still reboot after a short while unless I use C-A-D and do a Hard kill.

JDownload 0.9xyz as well as JDownload 2.x show both the same behaviour as GenealogyJ.

Please do note that the Java installers for both GenealogyJ and JDownload 2.x work well, just as JDownload 0.9xyz itself work well (though slow) on an old single core machine here.

Side note: Flash GA 0.4.0 is more unstable now, also cause reboots on the Laptop. Flash respond faster, but also cause sound to click like an old radio with push buttons, between each run and also if one tries to jump to another part of a flash clip.

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