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#190 fixed Crash when putting load on a TCP Server Socket opend for reading. gap

Output from a FTP server application. I have full source and it runs on all other versions of Java. At first there is some output but is soon stops with this: Login : greg 20120927 205045 SYS1808: The process has stopped. The software diagnostic code (exception code) is 009F.

#191 fixed New OpenJdk release mrt

New OpenJdk? B26 Release

#193 fixed Filename by accident wrong? Joop

In the Java distributions of Innotek and the unofficial 1.5 versions I can find in the bin directory the file jpeg.dll. However in all 1.6 releases this file is called jjpeg.dll, is this by accident or on purpose? Or are we talking about total different things? Because some packages can't save jpeg files with version 1.6(Ga,GA2,GA3) and can with the Innotek 1.42something. So I suspect that those packages are looking for the jpeg.dll and can't find that name in the bin directory with the result that nothing happens, in one case I got filenames but with 0 bytes. If its just renaming the file this could be solved very quick without lots of developer time.

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