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#89 invalid OpenJDK 6 JRE (SMP Friendly) tries to use both cpus in my dualcore system losepete

I recently downloaded and installed JPhotoBrush to show my son, who uses PhotoShop?, that there are alternatives to the M$ world.

I have the "SMP friendly" version of java6 installed from and understood that it should only work on 1 cpu.

However, when running JPhotoBrush I see both cpus are in use - and trying to open files simply does not work, the cpus peak and after a short period of time when it is obvious that the app has got problems it is necessary to kill the app.

#90 fixed Openfire crashes. Yoda_Java6

Trying to start Openfire, it very often crashes is same place - but trying enough times, it starts and works OK. However, at random times, at the moment a client logs in it crashes in same place again.

As this is a server app, supposed to run 24/7 this is very unfortunate.

#91 duplicate Problem running Jalbum 9.1.3 Anchieri

I have run 5 time Jalbum 9.1.3 and obtained 5 log error file that I have attached.

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