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#98 fixed Some texts are missing on Java Application djcaetano

I have noticed some swing applications are displayed with missing parts on eComStation, text data, for instance. This is an exemple of such application:

I am attaching two snapshots: one taken when running this program on Windows and another running it on eComStation. Although it runs on eComStation, the missing text renders it unusable.

#100 invalid File does not appear in File-Open-Dialog (FOD) Batchheizer

Strange! The attached file does not appear in any FOD of Java-Apps. PDFSAM, VietOCR and Commonist do not show the file. The same after renaming or editing EAs. Also in AR 5.1 (Innotek). AR opens via d'n'd but the file does not appear in AR 5.1-FOD. Maybe its a ODIN-reladted problem.

#101 wontfix Java application used in VirtualBox: failure to properly size windows erdmann

I am using versions 6.5.11 of SmartSVN (requiring Java 1.4.2) and 6.6.7 (requiring Java 1.6 -> this new version of Java) in VirtualBox?. The VirtualBox? host is Windows 7 running with a screen aspect ratio of 16/9 while the VirtualBox? guest is OS/2 running with a screen aspect ratio of 4/3. 1.) for SmartSVN 6.5.11 I can properly resize windows: maximizing the window will exactly fill the screen, sizing works as expected 2.) for SmartSVN 6.6.7 I cannot properly resize windows: maximizing the window will cover exactly the screen height but will exceed the screen width. I suspect it tries to scale screen width with a ratio of 16/9 where it should scale with 4/3 of the screen height. I also cannot size at all (even though the sizing pointer symbol is visible) and the window unfortunately is wider than the screen. 3.) both versions of SmartSVN properly work when running under native OS/2
(no window sizing problem).

Therefore, from the 3 components:
Java version,
SmartSVN itself,
VirtualBox? yes/no
I suspect that the Java 1.6 somehow queries the wrong screen resolution or the wrong aspect ratio or that it uses "unsuitable" parameters queried from the OS to compute screen width/screen height.

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