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#125 invalid JCad version 1.1 doesn't run on Java versions higher than 1.4.2 Joop

Tried to run JCad version 1.1. Both with Java 1.5009 and with Java 1.6.0-b22 WSE I get this message; Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ClassCastException?: java.awt.image.DataBuff? erByte cannot be cast to java.awt.image.DataBufferInt?

at VirtualScreen?.resetVirtualScreen(VirtualScreen?.java:141) at VirtualScreen?.<init>(VirtualScreen?.java:112) at Reference.<init>( at JCad.<init>( at JCad.main(

I did use this command file for starting up; @echo off rem Java 1.4.2 SET JAVA_HOME=i:\JAVA\JAVA142 set BEGINLIBPATH=i:\JAVA\JAVA142\bin set path=i:\JAVA\JAVA142\bin rem @echo off rem Java 1.5.009 rem SET JAVA_HOME=i:\JAVA\JAVA150 rem set BEGINLIBPATH=i:\JAVA\JAVA150\bin rem @echo off rem Java 1.6.0 rem set BEGINLIBPATH=i:\JAVA\JAVA160\bin rem set path=i:\JAVA\JAVA160\bin I: cd I:\CAD\Jcad java.exe -jar jcad.jar

Just by putting in rem I can activate different versions of Java for testing. Own system eCS 1.2 Dutch memory 1Gb.

#124 fixed Error message from JAlbum 9.5 Joop

I'm not sure if you can do something with it, but its a report from JAlbum 9.5. I'm running eCS 1.2Dutch, available memory 1Gb. Enclosed the error file. It looks like its running okay, but at start all is upside down, starting something else will correct this. I'm not sure if this is with this Java version or with JAlbum, its since 9.4.1. So I'm more on the side of JAlbum for this, but the developer from JAbum says otherwise.

#123 fixed Some remarks on Readme.os2 Batchheizer

1) For Liberation-fonts: Please add a link to the fine package of alex: This works faster then the way you explained ind readme. 2) Could you please provide a simple (only a/href, br, p, b, i, u ) html-readme (WarpIN for example can open URLs)? There are so many usefull links and "Click" is faster then "mark, copy, paste". ;-)

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