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#233 duplicate IcedTeaWeb plugin 1.3 Beta fails to work -was ticket #212 losepete

I see you have closed #212 due to lack of feedback.

What feedback do you want?

Yes, all required software was in place.

There does not seem to have been any updates to the plugin ergo No Feedback needed.

#176 fixed ImageJ crashes at startup Joop

Installed latest Odin and have 3 separate directories for JAVA GA1, GA2 and GA3. Latest LIBC and GCC installed. ImageJ is running just fine with Java GA1. With Java GA2 it does start, but I don't have a menu bar. In Java GA3 it crashes at startup. I did change memory from 1024 to 512, because I thought it was a memory thing. So the only thing I change in this setup is JAVA, the rest of the setup remains the same, no changes there.

#111 wontfix ImageJ version 1.44l menu defects Joop

ImageJ version 1.44l started with Java 1.5 works just fine. Running with Java 1.6 gives the problem that windows can't be closed, the program can't be stopped, buttons for saving yes, no and cancel don't work. The strange thing is that other menu buttons do work, like mirror horizontal, sharpening etc.

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