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#128 fixed Hang at exitlist an64

Any java program hangs at exit, process commander shows "java.exe exiting thread"

It started with beta 2 and any newer version include ga

kernel 14.103a uni

I tried to remove any other java binaies and reinstall odin

My cmd file set PATH=K:\1u\j\bin; rem %PATH% set BEGINLIBPATH=K:\1u\j\bin; rem %BEGINLIBPATH% set CLASSPATH= SET JAVA_HOME=K:\1u\j SET SWING_HOME= java.exe %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9

#180 invalid I'm unable to use IcedTea plugin Anchieri

I have installed your plugin in dir: C:\PROGRAMS\MOZ_PLUG after that I visited the web site:

that is indicated in your OS2 read me for testing the plugin, but I receive this messages in Populog: 07-26-2012 14:42:12 SYS2070 PID 0056 TID 0001 Slot 00b5 H:\SEAMONKEY\SEAMONKEY.EXE NPICEDT->GLIB2._g_main_context_os2_stop_pm_integration 127

07-28-2012 16:02:09 SYS2070 PID 004e TID 0001 Slot 00a2 C:\PROGRAMS\FIREFOX\FIREFOX.EXE NPICEDT->GLIB2._g_main_context_os2_stop_pm_integration 127

07-28-2012 16:13:37 SYS2070 PID 0046 TID 0001 Slot 009a C:\PROGRAMS\FIREFOX\FIREFOX.EXE NPICEDT->GLIB2._g_main_context_os2_stop_pm_integration 127

I have this two statement in config.sys as stated in the same read me: SET ICEDTEA_WEB_JRE=H:\JAVA_6\JRE SET ICEDTEA_WEB_DATA=C:\PROGRAMS\MOZ_PLUG\NPICEDT

Seamonkey is and firefox is

#216 invalid INI file corruption after running Java app (JavaRDP) for extended period Lewisr

Likely due to memory fragmentation. I know that the condition is triggered by running JavaRDP for extended periods along with my other mix of apps.

The symptom is that after JavaRDP has been running for several hours, even if SeaMonkey? has been shutdown and restarted a few times, shutting down gets me all the way to the point where the desktop closes, and then I get a message that changes could not be saved to the INI files, and a prompt (by XWorkplace) to restart the desktop and use the standard shutdown routine. This never works, as invariably, the files cannot be written.

A reboot (even when not saving the files) generally results in either irreparable desktop damage (broken folder positions, file handles, etc.) or the system cannot even locate the desktop directory (even with SET DESKTOP set in CONFIG.SYS and valid EAs on the desktop directory). In these cases, a restore from an archive is the only recovery.

Please let me know what I can provide (some utility to track the fragmentation? Theseus output?) or perhaps what memory setting I might try when starting the JVM to avoid the situation. This seems to have started around GA4, but possibly earlier.

VIRTUALADDRESSLIMIT is set at 1576, but I have tried higher values with no discernable change.

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