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#69 fixed No output from java.exe -? if another Java app is already running. Yoda_Java6

Start any java app, and try:

Java.exe -? (no output - that is annoying)

Java.exe -version

(no output)


Java -fullversion

gives normal output

At least the help is needed :-)

#74 fixed update to latest openJava dmik Silvan Scherrer

for GA i think it could make sense to update to latest openJava

#77 fixed Can still not start Java applications elygre

This is the same situation as described in Ticket #57. I have installed the new versions of Java and Odin and have still to reboot eCS 5-10 times before Genj is started. Each time the CPU-meter shows 99.9 % utilization for about 1-2 minutes before displaying the error message SYS1808: The process has stopped. The software diagnostic code (exception code) is 0005. The new thing now is that trying to install Jalbum gives the same result (#58). If I manage to start Genj I can close it and restart it many times without rebooting, but eventually it that luck also ends. Normally if Genj has started I can also start the installation of Jalbum. First it displays a graphical screen and asks for language. Then a progress bar start moving, but after a few sec. it stops - and that is it. The CPU-meter show no use of the CPU (0.3 %).

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