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File open container (Lucide), FM/2 and drives folder hang opening a unifat fat 16 drive. Fat 32 drives also exibit the hang.

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The file open container is the replacement container shipped with ArcaOS. FM/2 traps in fm3dll.dll. The other 2 just hang. I have system dumps for all three. To get the system dumps I had to add a ps2 keyboard since C-A-F10-F10 failed from my usb keyboard implying that the problem takes the usb stack down. Power off is the only option without the ps2 keyboard.

I have included a limited analysis of the dump below. Please let me know if you wish additional analysis or if you want the whole dump where to upload it.

From the FOC hang system dump:

IBM OS/2 Dump Formatter for a retail or an hstrict SMP kernel. Formatter is --> Internal revision 14.106_SMP Dump file is --> Internal revision 14.200_SMP (system dump) Symbol (n:\os2\pdpsi\pmdf\warp45_s\os2krnlr.sym) linked Symbol (n:\os2\pdpsi\pmdf\warp45_s\cachef32.sym) linked Symbol (n:\os2\pdpsi\pmdf\warp45_s\pmspl.sym) linked Symbol (n:\os2\pdpsi\pmdf\warp45_s\pmviop.sym) linked Symbol (n:\os2\pdpsi\pmdf\warp45_s\pmctls.sym) linked Symbol (n:\os2\pdpsi\pmdf\warp45_s\pmmerge.sym) linked Symbol (n:\os2\pdpsi\pmdf\warp45_s\pmwp.sym) linked Symbol (n:\os2\pdpsi\pmdf\warp45_s\doscall1.sym) linked Current slot number: 007b

Slot Pid Ppid Csid Ord Sta Pri pTSD pPTDA pTCB Disp SG Name

*007b# 005a 0027 005a 0004 run 0500 f947a000 fea2e570 f9b35d04 0ea0 12 LUCIDE eax=7d5017e7 ebx=0000efc0 ecx=00000007 edx=00000020 esi=02fb3a34 edi=27a30000 eip=0000e411 esp=02fcefa8 ebp=02fb3a1c iopl=0 -- -- -- nv up ei ng nz na pe nc cs=ffef ss=17e7 ds=0053 es=0053 fs=150b gs=0000 cr2=00000000 cr3=00211000 p=00 ffef:0000e411 66ea7c77fc1f5b00 jmp 005b:1ffc777c # Loading version data ... please wait Loading structure info for WSeB/ACP SMP ... please wait. ....Structure definition file (warp45_s\kernel.sdf) loaded. ....Structure definition file (warp45_s\shell.sdf) loaded. Done. # Loading default symbol files ... please wait ............

Base Ptr Parameters Caller -------- ---------------- ------

%02fb3a1c 1c27 0006 0000 0002 0000 3a34 02fb 0012 Unknown 3a48 02fb 391a 1c27 %02fb3a48 02fb 0006 1791 0004 0000 0e3b 1c2a 0006 Unknown 0020 0000 3cc4 02fb

Ring Three Stack Trace

Location Address Symbol Description -------- ------- ------ ----------- %2fcefae %00021358 CACHEF32 _End_YI + 487 %2fcefe6 000f:00000003 CACHEF32 _begtext + 1

# Analyzing Call Gate ... is in a 32 bit call gate: 0148:000073b2 OS2KRNL DOSQFSATTACH + 57 Invalid linear address: 17e7:00003a1c # ................... Loading Physical Device Driver Chain ... please wait. ............................................................................... Unwinding Stack Frame Address f947af40 ... please wait

Location Address Symbol Description -------- ------- ------ ----------- %f947aa42 000f:00005fc0 CACHEF32 _nexpand + 81a # %f947aa5e 000f:00005fc0 CACHEF32 _nexpand + 81a # %f947aa64 %fff43cb3 _pgGetPF + 3b3 # %f947aa7a %fff0566b _RestoreFatTCBInfo + 10 # %f947aa96 %fff42309 _PGPageFault + 446 # %f947ab02 0f78:001e PDD Data Segment for CD-ROM2$ %f947ab5e %ffebaed4 OS2KRNL _PCBFirst %f947ab6e %fff108e0 CheckVideoPause? + 3a7 %f947ab70 000f:00000010 CACHEF32 main + 8d0 %f947ab98 000f:00000010 CACHEF32 main + 5a %f947abb6 %fff0d42f MPRest + 4b %f947abd6 %fff0e3fd KernelFaultEntry? + 189 %f947abe8 ffef:00004dba DOSCALL1 APPSENDREQUEST + 168 %f947ac06 %fff04388 w_CancelFileLocksL + be %f947ac1c %ffebaed4 OS2KRNL _PCBFirst %f947ac28 %fff087f9 cpu_stint + 1e %f947ac2e 000f:00000003 CACHEF32 _begtext + b %f947ac6e 000f:00000010 CACHEF32 main + 98 %f947acc8 1000:0246 ProtModeSub? + 27 %f947acea %ffebaed4 OS2KRNL _PCBFirst %f947acf6 000f:00000010 CACHEF32 main + 150 %f947ad04 000f:00000010 CACHEF32 main + 117 %f947ad08 1000:54eb dh_VerifyAccess + 1c Device Drivers %f947ad26 000f:00000010 CACHEF32 main + 117 %f947ad36 000f:000017be CACHEF32 GetFatType? + 21 %f947ada2 0158:0af4 h_fscMPStub + e0 %f947ada4 %00020000 CACHEF32 nullarea + 158 %f947ada6 %00120000 OS2KRNL _aseldemTemp + 2 %f947adc6 0140:6e3a w_QFsInfo + db %f947add2 %00020000 CACHEF32 nullarea + 208 %f947add4 %00120000 OS2KRNL _aseldemTemp + 2 %f947adf6 %00020000 CACHEF32 nullarea + 83d %f947ae08 %ffec3584 OS2KRNL _khbaFree %f947ae58 %fff0ca09 _KSEMReleaseMutex + 16 Semaphore Mgmt %f947ae60 %fff4f810 _VMFreeKHB + 115 Releasing Memory %f947ae80 %fff479d5 _ptDeleteNode + 10b PTREE or 16 bit debug support %f947aea8 %fff0cbe3 _KSEMRelease + 24 Semaphore Mgmt %f947aeb8 %fff478c3 _PTDelete + cd PTREE or 16 bit debug support %f947aec4 %fff0cbe3 _KSEMRelease + 24 Semaphore Mgmt %f947aed4 %fff05f39 FreeMFTSem + 1a Releasing Memory Semaphore Mgmt %f947af1a %0012164c OS2KRNL _apvdmbp + 193 %f947af1c %00020000 CACHEF32 nullarea + 12 %f947af24 0148:934a mpsci + d9

Stack Frame Address f947af40 reached



OS/2 Kernel Revision 14.200_SMP No Symbols Found

File: Line: #

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comment:1 Changed 3 years ago by Gregg Young

Sorry about the bad formatting above. See attached file.

comment:2 Changed 3 years ago by Gregg Young

This is with fat32 built without xfat CS 276

comment:3 Changed 3 years ago by Gregg Young

I am not seeing this with CS 277

comment:4 Changed 3 years ago by Valery V. Sedletski

What do you mean by CS 276 and CS 277 ? Do you mean r277? And what about r280?

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comment:5 Changed 3 years ago by Valery V. Sedletski

What do you mean under "hang"? Hangs what? Only user program, or whole system? It does not react on close button? Lucide with FOC is when opening a file? How could I reproduce this on my system? As I don't see any hang neither in WPS Drives object nor in Larsen Commander. I use FC/2 and I have a very old version on FM/2 which also seems to work fine.

comment:6 Changed 3 years ago by Gregg Young

The entire system fails to respond. As indicated above if I am using a USB keyboard I must power off the system to continue. C-A-F10-F10 works from a PS2 keyboard. The file FOC shows drives and directories in the left hand pane up to but not including the UNIFAT drive. I mean r277 where all is working again. I have not tried r280. Will try now. Thanks

comment:7 Changed 3 years ago by Valery V. Sedletski

In r277, I disabled the experimental USE_STATIC_BUFS define, which can cause a hang on a semaphore. So, it is a known problem.

If if works with r277, it should work with r280 too. If "entire system fails to respond", then it just hanged in PM (FOC dialog) or WPS folder (Drives object) thread. If I use FC/2, only FC/2 hangs (though, until reboot)

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comment:8 Changed 3 years ago by Gregg Young

Resolution: worksforme
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I can not reproduce this in r280. Closing will reopen if it recurs

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