May 6, 2020:

5:29 PM Ticket #51 (Uninstalling using warpin removes X:\os2\dll from libpath and X:\os2 ...) closed by martini
5:09 PM Ticket #9 (Corrupt written data on FAT32 partitions while downloading files) closed by martini
fixed: Hi Since this issue was opened 11 years ago and last modified 3 years …
4:45 PM Ticket #10 (Can we use FullFat?) closed by martini
4:42 PM Ticket #48 (PMChkdsk falls to check fat32 and unifat volumes wihout any error message) closed by martini
fixed: Hi It seems fixed and there haven't been a reply in two years. If the …
4:37 PM Ticket #79 (Installer replacing upper-cased lines by identical lower-cased lines ...) closed by martini
4:27 PM Ticket #74 (ECS system failing to complete boot process) closed by martini
fixed: It seems that the issue got solved. I'm closing this ticket. Regards
4:22 PM Ticket #67 (trap D (version 326)) closed by martini
fixed: It seems fixed then. Lets close this ticket.
4:06 PM Ticket #70 (IBMWorks database fails to open) closed by martini

May 2, 2020:

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