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#7 Increase cache size new somebody enhancement minor
#9 Corrupt written data on FAT32 partitions while downloading files new somebody defect Feedback Pending
#10 Can we use FullFat? new somebody enhancement minor
#13 Ability to create and work with files of up to 4 Gb in size new Valery V. Sedletski defect major
#17 Trap d in dumpfs new defect Feedback Pending
#38 Splitting large files to 4 GB pieces new enhancement minor
#48 PMChkdsk falls to check fat32 and unifat volumes wihout any error message new defect major
#51 Uninstalling using warpin removes X:\os2\dll from libpath and X:\os2 from path new defect major
#55 Files without eas show an ea size of 128 bytes and without the /eas switch all files show ea size as 128 new defect minor
#64 SVN rev 325: Trap D on booting to a commandline and running "lvm /rediscoverprm" new defect major
#66 SVN rev 326: tracing still not dynamically controllable via the trace.exe utility new defect major
#67 trap D (version 326) new defect major
#68 CHKDSK failures new defect major
#70 IBMWorks database fails to open new defect major
#71 FSH_DOVOLIO blocks on I/O errors with SSD's or USB flash sticks new defect major
#73 SVN rev 354: formatting of FAT16 media via GUI (PMFORMAT) hangs new defect major
#74 ECS system failing to complete boot process new defect major
#75 SVN r359 and r340 Cannot sort dBase file new defect major
#79 Installer replacing upper-cased lines by identical lower-cased lines in CONFIG.SYS new enhancement minor
#80 Traps with (rather rare) IBM ThinkPad 600X new defect trivial
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