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#80 Traps with (rather rare) IBM ThinkPad 600X martini defect trivial medium

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Severity
#24 Trap in FS_FSINFO because of NULL "pBootFSInfo" pointer in pVolInfo defect critical highest
#16 Trap when chkdsk is run simultaneously against multiple FAT32 formatted drives defect major highest
#25 Binaries started from FAT32, become corrupted, if booted from FAT32 defect major 1.0 medium
#28 Dirty flag is not respected when mounting FAT32 media defect major highest
#39 SIGSEGV/SIGTERM/SIGBREAK Signals are not caught defect major medium
#26 renaming branch 0.10 to trunk KO Myung-Hun defect minor low
#33 Review and update documentation for 0.10 GA task minor medium
#4 Add /F by default to cachef.exe somebody enhancement trivial 2.0
#12 chkdsk processing during bootup needs to be changed somebody enhancement Feedback Pending 1.0 highest
#14 Finish fat32format port from Win32 to OS/2 and fix some fat32.ifs traps caused by this port Valery V. Sedletski defect Feedback Pending highest
#20 Seems to corrupt partitions formatted with other filesystems defect Feedback Pending medium
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