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ACPI 3.21.02 Hang after install

Reported by: jdeb Owned by: David Azarewicz
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Component: ACPI PSD Version: 3.21.02
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Biostar G41D3+ Intel E7500 CPU DDR3-1333 Crucial (2x2GB) ATI Radeon X800 256mb PCIe using Snap Patriot Torx 60GB SSD SataII I just did a clean install of eCS 2.1 on a new build above. The install went perfect and booted fine. All devices are assigned and working properly. Performance is very good.

I installed ACPI 3.21.02 downloaded from Mensys. System initially does not show 2 CPU's in the CPU monitor but is showing 2 on reboot but it hangs at EVFS eComstation Virtual File System Driver V1.002. I have to go back to the original archive config.sys to restart system. I also tried the 2 previous ACPI version with the same results. BIOS does not appear to have a hyperthreading setting and the CPU does not support it anyway. Plug and Play OS is by default NO.

There are no trap errors. The system really does not need it as it performs well without it. However, I still would like to use it if possible. Is there a switch or something? Please advise.

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Milestone: Release Version 4.0.0Feedback pending

There is not sufficient information to diagnose your problem. However, most likely one (or more) of your drivers are causing your problem. The strategy is to figure out which driver it is.

The ACPI distribution contains many updated drivers as a convenience. I assume all the extra (non-ACPI) drivers were selected and you let the Warpin installer overwrite/replace everything it wanted to. If not, re-run the ACPI installer again and make sure everything gets installed. You do not need to install the toolkit.

You could try updating the USB drivers. The current version is 10.185 and is available on Hobbes. Regardless of whether or not the USB drivers are the problem, this new version works better anyway.

You could also make sure the system is really hung. Wait *at least 3 minutes* to see if the system will continue booting.

You might be having an SMP problem. Add the /MAXCPU=1 switch to the PSD command line to limit the system to using only 1 CPU and see if it will boot that way.

Those are all the suggestions I have for now.

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Is there any new status on this ticket?

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No response from reporter. Probably not a PSD issue.

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