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ACPI does not check switches...

Reported by: ecsnl Owned by: eco
Priority: major Milestone: Release version 3.19
Component: ACPI PSD Version: 3.17
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See if its possible to create a method the user is informed that when the PSD has a wrong switch it warns the user.

Ticket 466 was my own mistake but I loaed the PSD in /SMP /ACPI instead of /SMP /APIC. However /ACPI is invalid switch. In discussion with Pasha on IRC today he mentioned the following on this suggestion:

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Roderick_ Oke I found the rpoblem. Roderick_ The PSD has insufficient checking for the switches a user priovides. Roderick_ I said the PSD was working and the gang with UNIAUD was fixed, its not. Roderick_ I thought I was running in /APIC mode. Roderick_ Look in the last log: Roderick_

PSD_install options:" /vbe /acpi /smp /o1

Roderick_ I typed by accident /acpi instead of /apic a typo on my side but whould the PSD not give a warning at startiup the switch is invalid ? [Pasha] 16 bit part was writes by Ruediger ;-) I can insert to ToDo? Roderick_ How difficult is it to add a switch Roderick_ thats just some strcmp code somehow. [Pasha] difficult find needing code in 16 bit, next some problem 32 -> 16 value [Pasha] switches is parcing 32 bit. Out message from 16 Roderick_ I'm not certain Roderick_ but don't you think its a good thing to add ? Roderick_ First thing I made a typo 100% true. Roderick_ But your time and my time have been wasted because the ACPI.PSD does not have syntax checking. [Pasha] it be 1st message after "Processors init:xxx" Roderick_ ? [Pasha] I think, people can't see it ;-) Roderick_ What I mean is that, can it not output a message to the boot screen to display something like "ACPI.PSD not loaded invalid switch". [Pasha] this message in screen 1-2 secs Roderick_ Or that it does load but the system halts and you need to press ENTER. [Pasha] psd can't do HALT, trap only

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yes, it's old request (2-3 years old):

Many users write /ACPI and loss time.

comment:3 Changed 11 years ago by pasha

About message.

Now, we hav't call DevInit? from kernel, where driver can return error code and generate message from kernel "driver xxx don't installed due error". Design of psd don't give way for say about error. Only trap.

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