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I found my Spanish NLV was not included for whatever the reason (silent updates?); since I see some activity here after 10 years and I had the files floating around I thought it might be better to have them handy (ticket #48), just in case the project becomes more active due to ArcaOS and all that... and I also wanted to check WikiEdit? and my access privilege level. [mrwarper aka A . Fdez.]


The wiki pages are changed to reflect the project status. Login is now required to create/change tickets.


Version 2.19 is available at my Homepage. At the moment only the English and the German version is there.


Now everybody is able to create new tickets. Hopefully somebody will use this...


Some more string util functions are written and tested. This was required to fix some bugs with links to external programs.


The Ticket system and the Roadmap are configured now.


A small bug in the command line parser is fixed. Also a first version of the unit test "'framework" is added. Will try to write as much tests as possible to guarantee stability.


I made my first real changes. Major parts of the command line handling are rewritten. This solves some restrictions with quoting. A beta version is available at


Major parts are now in the repository. The core stuff is in, all the small tools, the c source and the installer source will follow the next days.


Back from vacation. The whole sybil part is checked in. Also i made some modifications on the build system. Documentation of the build will follow, if the checkin is complete. Some extensions are made for the online help.


Checkin of the sources is started. First i checked in the i18n things. Hopefully this makes the job of the translators a little bit easier.

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