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Software Versions

Version Date Languages Misc
1.0.11 - Full 2016-11-15 English Dutch German Italian Japanese
1.0.11 - Lite 2016-11-15 English Dutch German Italian Japanese
1.0.9 2012-02-28 English Dutch German Shutdown fix: All, Source Code (2012-05-08)
1.0.8 2008-06-07 English German Italian Japanese
1.0.7 2007-01-10 English German Italian
1.0.6 2006-12-08 English German Italian
1.0.5 2006-08-01 English German Italian
1.0.4 2005-11-15 English German Italian Swedish
1.0.3 2005-02-23 English German Italian
1.0.2 2004-01-28 English German Italian Swedish
1.0.1 2003-02-02 English German Italian Japanese Russian Swedish
1.0.0 2002-11-24 English German Italian Japanese Russian


Name Description Date
eWPS/xWP translation/coding meeting/discussion at Warpstock Europe 2005 At Warpstock Europe 2005 in Dresden, Jacques van Leeuwen and Jan van der Heide hosted a discussion about the experiences, problems, and solutions of the 'Dutch eComStation Test and Translation Group' while translating the XWorkplace derivative for eComStation, internally called eWPS. 2005
Extending XWorkplace Presentation at WSE 2002 This is the presentation of Martin Lafaix which was hold on Warpstock Europe 2002. It shows how XWorkplace can be extended in the future and shows some very promising features like XUL support and a generalized way to categorize plugins. So far StarOffice? only presentation but a PDF version will follow. 2002

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