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xWorkplace (XWP) is undoubtedly the universal WPS enhancer no OS/2 - eCS system should miss. XWP add lots of useful features to many parts of your system, while being totally configurable, so that all features you don't like can be turned off.

XWorkplace is the successor to Ulrich Möller's popular XFolder WPS Enhancer utility.


XWorkplace consists of a whole collection of WPS replacement classes, plus lots of other features, among which are:

  • Freely configurable context menus.
  • Extended sort functions: finally there are system-wide default sort options, plus more sort criteria (e.g. sort by extension).
  • Display of folder content in context menus.
  • Freely configurable folder status bars.
  • Full path in folder window title bar.
  • Freely configurable folder hotkeys (e.g. "F5" for "Refresh now", or "Ctrl+E" for "Sort by extension"): more than 30 items can be configured.
  • Freely configurable object hotkeys: assign a hotkey to any WPS object and have it opened quickly this way.
  • "Snap to grid" for all folders.
  • Auto-scroll folder Tree views to make appearing items visible.
  • Extended Shutdown / Restart WPS features: you can now abort shutdown, configure many things, skip hanging programs, and even automatically reboot to a certain partition, if you have BootManager installed.
  • Lots of new WPS settings objects to ease system configuration, including CONFIG.SYS settings and device driver setup.
  • New "WPS Class List" object for manipulating the WPS class list.
  • Default WPS icons can be freely replaced.
  • More system sounds for certain WPS events.
  • "Treesize" utility to find out how much disk space is consumed by a folder and its subfolders.
  • "Netscape DDE Interface" utility to have URLs being passed to the currently running Netscape instance instead of always starting a new one.
  • A trash can with full WPS "delete" support.
  • Lots of mouse and keyboard enhancements, such as sliding focus, sliding menus, screen corner objects, and global object hotkeys — all with full WPS integration.
  • PageMage, a "virtual desktops" utility.
  • The XCenter, a WarpCenter replacement.
  • Xview : Formerly known as XWP's Splitview folder window offers a tree-and-details view better suited to managing files on your drives.


Changes to XWP's build system now permit the creation of two versions: Full and Lite. Lite is very similar to eWP but without the eCS branding and logos. Unlike eWP, it includes XWP's Startup Folders, probably the most popular XWP feature missing in eWP. Be aware that the lite version does not contain XWP Setup or Media.

You can also review the xWorkplace Archived News page.


Version Edition Date Packages
1.0.12 Full 2018-07-31
1.0.12 Full 2018-07-31
1.0.11 Full 2016-12-03 EN, DE, IT, JP, NL
1.0.11 Lite 2016-12-03 EN, DE, IT, JP, NL
XWorkplace Older Versions - Here you can find older releases of XWorkplace

Feedback and Support

If you find bugs, please create a ticket at xtracker. For the time being do not use the ticket system here included in trac but xtracker instead.

The support mailing list is at xworkplace users mailing list. To subscribe to the user support mailing list, send mail to Subscribe to xworkplace users mailing list. The subject and body can be empty. You will receive a response to which you must reply to complete the process.

For discussing developer questions, use this list: xworkplace developers mailing list. To subscribe to the developers mailing list, send mail to Subscribe to xworkplace developers mailing list. The subject and body can be empty. You will receive a response to which you must reply to complete the process.

These lists are EzMLM mailing lists. If you need help subscribing, see Netlabs Mailing Lists.

Like all Netlabs Mailing Lists, these lists are mirrored to Gmane. The users list is mirrored to xwp general, while the developers list is mirrored to xwp devel. (N.B.: Gmane's web interface shut down in July of 2016, though the news and mailing lists continue to function. See here for more information.)

Building xworkplace

  • Check out complete source tree here.

Bear in mind we do not use the usual svn trunk directory for current versions. The next version (1.1) lives in /trunk.

  • Check out source tree for helpers here.
  • You may download some widget sources here.
  • The UsbWidget is now part of the widget sources here, but building it is not integrated yet.
  • Follow the included documentation in progref.inf.


This is an open source project under the GNU GPL V2 license.


  • Ulrich Möller
  • Paul Ratcliffe
  • Rich Walsh

These are the ones who contributed the most, it seems to me. David Azarewicz and Steven Levine added some code, too, in recent years. For a more complete list, see the users guide.

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