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Current version

A beta version can be found here:


Current version is V0.6.0bx (with x a number).


  • Icon engine for using PNG icons
  • Configurable context menus
  • Rexx interface to the WPS. Use Rexx to program the behaviour of objects
  • Image files have their image as icon
  • Folder toolbars
  • Folder information area
  • Preview of images and Lucide thumbnails in the folder info area
  • Icon engine for using PNG images as icons
  • Icon engine allows on the fly creation of composited icons using the Cairo library
  • Configurable icon size (per folder)
  • WPS stability improvements
  • It's free

Known problems

  • Lucide previews are not shown if the GIF IO procedure from the eSchemes application is installed. Use the system supplied one.
  • No preview for BMP images for now
  • Ghost icons may be shown on the eCenter when screen color depth is set to anything other than 24 or 32bit


source:/images/desktop-noia-blue.jpg (Desktop, 1280x1024) source:/images/desktop-noia-warm.jpg (Desktop, 1280x1024)

source:/images/png-iconeditor-test2.jpg (Icon editor, 1280x1024) source:/images/cairo-gadget.jpg (Cairo gadget, 635x568)