VX-REXX Applications and Tools for OS/2 (ArcaOS, eComStation)

Watcom's VX-REXX was a popular visual REXX application development tool for OS/2. Despite the fact its last release dates back to 1995 it is still used for many tools and applications in OS/2 (ArcaOS, eComStation).

This page is intended to become the source for many open-source projects from the past, the present and the future, which are based upon VX-REXX.

In addition it should become a resource for tools, extensions and information around VX-REXX.

Runtime libraries

Library nameVersionRelease dateAuthorPackageDescription
VROBJ.DLL *2.1d19.09.1995Watcom/SybaseWPILatest VX-REXX Runtime library, required by all VX-REXX applications *
VROBJEX.DLL1. TaylorZIPVX-REXX Extras library, additional UI controls and functions

* Note: This DLL has been distributed with every release of OS/2 since version 4.51 and eComStation since 1.0


Project nameVersionRelease dateAuthorPackageDescription
Archive Viewer2. TaylorWPISimple archive viewer with support for many different formats; see program website for more information
eRedMan0.9.312.08.2008Herwig BauernfeindZIPUniversal port redirection utility, considered obsolete, look here
FT2GUI1. BauernfeindZIPSwitch between TRUETYPE.DLL and FREETYPE.DLL
FT2GUI2.0 beta 310.11.2008Herwig BauernfeindWPIFont rendering configuration applet
Icon Themes2.203.15.2017Alex TaylorWPIIcon Theme utility for OS/2; see program website for more information Bauernfeindyum install/update klusrmgrkLIBC User management utility
PDFMerge0. BauernfeindZIPSimple application to merge PDF files, considered obsolete
PMDCalc Plus1.0.0 RC122.01.2007Herwig BauernfeindWPICalculator optimized for office work
RexxAutoStart1. Bauernfeind, Chuck McKinnisEXEStartup utility
WPIView1. BauernfeindWPIWarpIN archive viewer/extractor tool (WarpIN package
WPIView1. BauernfeindZIPWarpIN archive viewer/extractor tool (ZIP package)
WPIView1.2-test25.08.2010Herwig BauernfeindZIPWarpIN archive viewer/extractor tool (ZIP package), experimental. The new test version has new functionality to ease the (re)building process of WPI archives.




  • Herwig Bauernfeind (*)
  • Alex Taylor
  • (hosting & support)
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