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BLKCACHE_IOERR on VBOX506, VM stopped with a grayng screen.

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I have installed over my PC ASUS P5LD2-X/1333 with eCS-2b1 and
3GB of RAM the recent version of VBOX to test it with my Window 7 Professional 32bit.
After most trying I was able to install Win 7 pro and updating it with all Window updates (some 250 updates), during this time I have many case of this problem, resolved by me with a stop (with a save of state) and restart.
I attache the "Vbox.log" after this stop and a image (VBOX506-INF.jpg) with all the information on my vbox.

G.M. Anchieri

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comment:1 Changed 3 years ago by Valery V. Sedletski

Are you sure that you have sufficient disk space? It looks that it had troubles with saving data to a disk image.

Also, this is strange:

00:00:03.427027 Host RAM: 2939MB total, 836MB available

-- You have 1500 MB allocated to a VM (I use 784 MB ram with win7 guest) but only 836 is available.

And this:

00:00:05.304097 AHCI LUN#2: CD/DVD, total number of sectors 24129, passthrough disabled
541	00:00:05.304104 AHCI: LUN#2: using async I/O
542	00:00:05.304196 AHCI: Port3: No driver attached
543	00:00:05.304205 AHCI: Port4: No driver attached
544	00:00:05.304209 AHCI: Port5: No driver attached
545	00:00:05.304214 AHCI: Port6: No driver attached
546	00:00:05.304218 AHCI: Port7: No driver attached
547	00:00:05.304223 AHCI: Port8: No driver attached
548	00:00:05.304227 AHCI: Port9: No driver attached
549	00:00:05.304232 AHCI: Port10: No driver attached
550	00:00:05.304236 AHCI: Port11: No driver attached
551	00:00:05.304240 AHCI: Port12: No driver attached
552	00:00:05.304245 AHCI: Port13: No driver attached
553	00:00:05.304249 AHCI: Port14: No driver attached
554	00:00:05.304253 AHCI: Port15: No driver attached
555	00:00:05.304257 AHCI: Port16: No driver attached
556	00:00:05.304261 AHCI: Port17: No driver attached
557	00:00:05.304265 AHCI: Port18: No driver attached
558	00:00:05.304270 AHCI: Port19: No driver attached
559	00:00:05.304274 AHCI: Port20: No driver attached
560	00:00:05.304278 AHCI: Port21: No driver attached
561	00:00:05.304282 AHCI: Port22: No driver attached
562	00:00:05.304287 AHCI: Port23: No driver attached
563	00:00:05.304291 AHCI: Port24: No driver attached
564	00:00:05.304295 AHCI: Port25: No driver attached
565	00:00:05.304299 AHCI: Port26: No driver attached
566	00:00:05.304303 AHCI: Port27: No driver attached
567	00:00:05.304307 AHCI: Port28: No driver attached
568	00:00:05.304312 AHCI: Port29: No driver attached

So, you have 30 SATA ports created? Why you need this?

comment:2 Changed 3 years ago by Anchieri

I don't set this number, more likely is a number setted automatically by the system.
and for me three or four is sufficient, now I have set to 4.
I normally use the old VBOX 160 with Win-XP wich with 512MB work very well, with Win 7 I have noted that is difficult to set a number of MB for the VM I have used from 768MB to 1690MB and never I have succeeded, almost any of setting come with some degree of error, most low storage.
By now I have set VIRTLIMIT to 2944, can you give me a resonable solution that I can test?.
Thank you for your response,
G.M. Anchieri

comment:3 Changed 3 years ago by Anchieri

I attach a image (VBOX-01.jpg) with the information on device attached to VM, as you can see we have more then 2GB of C: VDISK free.

Changed 3 years ago by Anchieri

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