Universal Port driver for eComStation (OS/2)


Universal Port Driver (uni.pdr) will eventually become the universal successor to smb.pdr, cups.pdr, ecups.pdr, eRedMan, PrintMon, lpr32.pdr, quePDF.

The principle behind all these solutions is to take data coming from an eCS (OS/2) printer port and pass it as a temporary file to a program as commandline parameter (plus additional parameters if these are required).

uni.pdr is based upon smb.pdr which is in turn based upon Serge Starck's lpr32.pdr (which is also the base cups.pdr).


uni.pdr settings dialog


  • kmk build system
  • gcc 4.4.2
  • wrc version 1.8 or better

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  • Serge Starck
  • Herwig Bauernfeind (aka HerwigB)
  • Silvan Scherrer (aka diver)
  • Alex Taylor (aka AlexT)
  • and all we missed
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