Testing Uniaud

This page will contain various test scenarios to standardize the manner in which devices should be put under test to verify compatibility with Uniaud.

Device Identification

This is fundamental to testing and also to raising a ticket.

To properly identify the exact hardware in your system, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download Veit Kannegieser's ported and customized version of Craig Harts PCI/PCI32 tool, pci.exe from

Hobbes, in the /pub/util/misc directory. Look for a file named Where XXX is the version number.

  1. Unzip the package in a directory of your choice.
  2. From a command line, run PCI.EXE.
  3. Page through the results, looking for references to "Audio Controller" or something similar (this should be highlighted in yellow).
  4. Note the two parts of the PCI ID: the vendor code and the device. These are normally expressed as vvvv:dddd, but appear in the pci.exe output as
    Vendor vvvvh
    Device ddddh

where the h represents "hexadecimal," and is understood when using the afrementioned vvvv:dddd notation.

  1. You should also note the name of the device which follows the code on the Device line. The name usually includes a reference to the codec (e.g., AC'97).
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