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sscc: Better placement and identification of config setting icon

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Component: Samba Server GUI Tools Version: Server 3.6.x
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I missed the meaning of the config setting icon on the Share pages. In fact, clicking this yields me a dropdown where I may select an option (e.g., vfs objects), but there is no guidance for what to enter in the parameter box (in this example, I was enabling the recycler module).

The button would probably be better placed beneath Hide files or somewhere below the line with the three access checkboxes. Again, a tooltip would be helpful (I had no idea what it was - or even that it was clickable - until I tried it).

I would also suggest that certain "standard" groups of settings, such as:

vfs objects = recycle
recycle:versions = yes
recycle:keeptree = yes
recycloe:repository = .recycle

be enabled with a single "Enable trash" checkbox first, and then allow the user to change the specifics once the fields have been populated, when they make more sense. Obviously, there are further options for that module, but basic recycler functionality should be easily toggled, even in simple mode.

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