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#325 Add German and Spanish dialogs and resources for SMB.PDR new task major
#256 New help file and changlog.txt for plugin version 3 assigned Lewis Rosenthal task minor
#257 Credential fields in properties dialog should be greyed out when KRB5 support is enabled new enhancem. minor
#270 Need to bypass initial connection test when mapping a Kerberos-authenticated share new defect minor
#296 smbmon: Need ipf help new task minor
#297 sscc: Need ipf help new task minor
#299 smbusers: Need ipf help new task minor
#306 sscc: Better placement and identification of config setting icon new enhancem. minor
#320 Include readme detailing ndrexx src parameters new Lewis Rosenthal task minor
#302 smbusers: English strings overrun buttons on Groups tab new defect trivial
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