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#228 Error copying over file on server. accepted diver defect Netdrive plugin 2.2.x Samba Client
#230 Error message from evfsgui.VRM from Edit menu accepted diver defect Samba Client GUI (EVFSGUI) 2.1 Samba Client GUI (EVFSGUI)
#96 kBuild script for build process of GUI Tools new herwigb task GUI Tools 1.0.0 Samba Server GUI Tools
#35 Installing a client printer driver on the server in [print$] fails at the last stage of the process with WERR_ACCESS_DENIED new psmedley defect Samba Server for eCS (OS/2) 1.2.x Samba Server
#226 Copying directory tree with EAs attached to directories only copies EAs to first level new defect Netdrive plugin 2.2.x Samba Client Plugin
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