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#151 NLS enhancement new enhancem. minor Netdrive plugin 2.2.x
#153 OOo File open dialogue is very slow on a Samba share with lots of files. new task minor
#256 New help file and changlog.txt for plugin version 3 assigned lewisr task minor
#257 Credential fields in properties dialog should be greyed out when KRB5 support is enabled new enhancem. minor
#258 NDCTL.EXE must be started from STARTUP.CMD (or later) with Samba plugin 3.x new defect Feedback Pending
#259 Crash in NDCTL.EXE while browsing directory under PMView new defect major
#261 Restarting server leaves mappings disconnected new defect minor
#263 Connection timeout (sleep with slow awakening) reopened defect minor
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