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#314 fixed Duplicate WarpIn database error David McKenna

Just tried to update klusrmgr using ANPM and it ended with an error saying there was multiple WarpIn? databases. I only have one DATBAS_C.INI file on my computer, so opened up Warpin.exe and saw that there was an entry for every version of klusrmgr ever installed on this machine. Deleted all the entries and closed Warpin, then reinstalled klusrmgr using ANPM, this time it completed with no problem and created its objects. (Also noticed extra entries for bwwping, so trimmed those out too). Is it necessary to have a separate entry in Warpin for every version of klusrmgr installed?

#313 duplicate Issues with IBM OS/2 DEVELOPER'S TOOLKIT shmuel

There are several minor issues with the packaging of the OS/2 toolkit, some of which may be deliberate.

  1. README files are missing
  1. The dialog, font and icon editors are missing
  1. The OS2TK45* packages do not build the folders, program objects and shadows built by the IBM installer.
  1. What is the status of Scott Garfinkle header file "pdpublic.h"?

I wrote a REXX script that generates REXX code to reconstruct all or part of the desktop. If you want I can provide you with that script, with the output that pertains to the toolkit, or both. Note that it is oriented to my environment and would need to be tweaked for general use.

#312 no change needed Missing prerequisite for qt-doc shmuel

[u'ERROR with transaction check vs depsolve:', 'qt-assistant = 4.6.3-1 is needed by qt-doc-4.6.3-1.noarch', u'Please report this error at']

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