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#325 fixed createrepo 0.10.4-2 seems terribly broken (truncated metadata and bad behavior) Lewis Rosenthal

createrepo-0.10.4-2.oc00.noarch.rpm is currently in experimental. This version of the script seems to dump all output to the console (even when told to be --quiet), and out of a total of 302 packages in the current on-disc ArcaOS repository, we seem to only get metadata built on the first(?) 34 of them.


[j:\localrep] sh -c j:/usr/bin/createrepo --no-database --simple-md-filenames .


scrolling output to the screen, and when done, very small metadata files, which, though readable, do not contain info on all files.

--simple-md-filenames seems to be respected, as does --no-database. --quiet (or -q) has no effect on the excess screen output, though it does seem to suppress the initial report of workers starting up (tried with no additional workers, then 10, and finally 20) and the final report of the files being written.

The older 0.4.11-2 works perfectly.

I'm marking this as an "other" component instead of python itself.

#324 no change needed git-gui RPM does not install erdmann

I am trying to install git-gui Version I only have access to netlabs-rel and netlabs-exp repositories. I already have git version 2.11.0-3 installed which works ok.

When I try to install "git-gui", it'll tell me that I also need to install "gitk" which is ok. When I then start installation I get this error:

[u'ERROR with transaction check vs depsolve:',
'git = wird ben\x94tigt von git-gui-.7.6.1-7.oc00.pentium4',
'tk >= 8.4 wird ben\x94tigt von git-gui-',
'git = wird ben\x94tigt von gitk-',
'tk >= 8.4 wird ben\x94tigt von gitk-',
u'Bitte melden Sie diesen Fehler unter']

To me it looks like a package "tk" is required. However I cannot find that in the RPM repo.

#323 invalid Consider setting sane value for INFOPATH in postin scriptlet Lewis Rosenthal

Currently, info (5.2-3) and man-db ( do not set path variables during installation. While some of us prefer to set these values for ourselves, others may not be aware as to why, for example:

[q:\] info info

fails to find info.

It might be wise to add basic settings via postin scriplet for each of these (basic = x:\usr\share\man and x:\usr\share\info, where x: is %UNIXROOT%).


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