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#306 fixed klusrmgr diver Tellie

When trying to reinstall this i get a error about wpi4rpm...

C:\var\cache\rpm\wps\packages\klusrmgr.56412.tmp -> C:\var\cache\rpm\wps\packages\klusrmgr

1 file renamed

/@unixroot/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.7nusAZ: 57: /@unixroot/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.7nusAZ: wpi4rpm: not found

#307 fixed download-/installation error openssl diver ajunra

[u'ERROR with transaction check vs depsolve:','perl(WWW::Curl::Easy) is needed by openssl-perl-1.0.2o-1.oc00.i686',u'Please report this error at']

#136 wontfix python 2.7.6 loses pipe output. dmik stevenhl

cvs2svn v2.40 is a python app that can convert cvs repos to a number of formats.

While attempting to use cvs2svn to convert a cvs repo to git, I discovered our python port does not handle pipe output properly.

The visible symptom is that the git repo is structured correctly, but all the files are empty because the piped output of the cvs commands is lost.

cvs2svn is avaiable at ​

A simple testcase ( is attached to this ticket. The testcase requires a cvs2svn installation, but uses on one cvs2svn function which could be moved into the testcase.

The expected output is the data variable contains the command output. The current behavior is that the data variable remains empty.

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