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#334 duplicate Scanner support via hplip? losepete

Having just installed hplip to support my new printer - HP Envy Photo 6234 - I notice that it has some of the files required for scanner support but there seem to be some missing. The obvious missing file is hpaio.dll but I suspect there are others missing.

Will hplip be delivering scanner support in the, hopefully, near future?

#333 fixed rpm 4.13.0 does not accept backslashes in paths Lewis Rosenthal

It seems that when installing a package which is not in the current directory, rpm requires slashes as path separators, which is not very OS/2-friendly.


[C:\] rpm -i --replacepkgs c:\var\temp\myshinynew.rpm <Enter>
error: open of c:vartempmyshinynew.rpm failed: No such file or directory

Using slashes works as expected.

Downstream ticket reference:

#332 fixed libiconv-static refer to libiconv-devel even though there is none jep

Is there a devel package of libiconv?

The swedish original error message as displayed by ANPM

[u'FEL med transaktionskontroll mot depsolve:', 'libiconv-devel = 1.15-1.oc00 beh\x94vs av libiconv-static-1.15-1.oc00.i686', u'Rapportera g\xe4rna detta fel till']

or plain YUM (translated to english by hand)

Error: Package: libiconv-static-1.15-1.oc00.i686 (netlabs-rel)

Need: libiconv-devel = 1.15-1.oc00

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