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#61 invalid Add source rpm repo Lewis Rosenthal

It would be a major help to developers to have source rpms with diffs for building the OS/2 versions of things (which would hopefully save us some duplication of effort.


I am currently trying to build Info-ZIP's unzip version 6.10b. The OS/2 makefile is hopelessly outdated (very little pertains to libc gcc vs emx), and I am slowly - with much help - plodding my way through the sources to make the necessary edits to get it to build properly under gcc 4.4.6. If I had the diffs for the current unzip 6.0 within easy reach, it would make the task much easier.

And Yuri, thanks again for all of your efforts. My own building has come along by leaps and bounds since I started getting comfortable with all of this on OS/2. Great job.

#63 fixed gcc335 conflict Silvan Scherrer

eCS 2.2 also installs libgcc335 rpm and some rpm also want to install gcc335.dll, so this gives a conflict. wouldn't it be better to have libgcc335 as a requirement. libc-devel is one of the conflicting rpm's

#64 fixed spec: gcc4: Updated wlink with a fix to dynamic memory exhaustion dmik

Dave Yeo has wl.exe patched by Rich (Walsh?) to solve the following error when linking too big DLLs with HLL debug information:

Error! E3009: dynamic memory exhausted

This fix in particular makes it possible to build XUL.DLL of Firefox 17 with debug symbols included (wl.exe from the current RPM fails on this). Attaching this exe here (taken from one of his Firefox patch ZIPs).

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