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#143 fixed Crash with rpm -qa --last Lewisr

Attempting to query installed packages, listed by date/time of install yields:

LIBC fork: Child aborting fork()! rc=0xfffffffc
pid=0x00e3 ppid=0x00e2 tid=0x0001 slot=0x006d pri=0x0200 mc=0x0000 ps=0x0010
LIBC066 0:00001e28
cs:eip=005b:1ed81e28      ss:esp=0053:0012df2c      ebp=0012df34
 ds=0053      es=0053      fs=150b      gs=0000     efl=00012212
eax=00000040 ebx=bb678a80 ecx=18c10000 edx=00000018 edi=00000000 esi=18c10000
Process has been dumped


rpm-libs-4.8.1-23.oc00.pentium4 rpm-python-4.8.1-23.oc00.pentium4 rpm-4.8.1-23.oc00.pentium4

From sh, however, the following works as expected:

rpm -qa --qf '%{INSTALLTIME} %-40{NAME} %{INSTALLTIME:date}\n' | sort -n | cut -d' ' -f2-
#145 invalid gettext-devel conflicts with libc-gettext-devel abwillis

I don't know what the differences of these packages are, I had libc-gettext-devel initially installed but uninstalled and installed gettext-devel to see if it solves a build issue and went ahead and tried installing libc-gettext-devel to see if reversing the order made any difference (didn't expect it to, same error but reversed packages). Test Transaction Errors: file /@unixroot/usr/include/libintl.h from install of libc-gettext-devel-0.6.6-26.oc00.i386 conflicts with file from package gettext-devel-

#146 fixed Make libusb10 package detect usbcalls.dll David McKenna

Currently, if one uses YUM to install libusb10, or any app that depends on it, it will also insist on installing usbcalls as a dependency (if not already installed by YUM). But anyone who has installed the Arca Noae USB stack will already have the correct version of usbcalls.dll. This creates the potential for a mis-match. It would be best if the YUM version of libusb could detect if usbcalls is already installed, even by another installer, and allow not installing the YUM version of usbcalls.

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