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#133 fixed /@unixroot/usr/include/paths.h is wrong dmik

It turns out that the /@unixroot/usr/include/paths.h header installed by libc-devel contains incorrect _PATH_* definitions (added there by Knut). It assumes that essential system tools are installed in /@unixroot/bin while Yuri decided to drop this dir in favor of /@unixroot/usr/bin (which in fact contains all these tools).

Now we need to either get /@unixroot/bin back (e.g. as a symlink pointing to /@unixroot/usr/bin) or fix the paths.h definitions in our libc-devel.

#134 fixed spec: Standardize debug package creation dmik

There are some programs that provide debug packages (those ending with -debug). These packages are meant to contain .dbg files for each .exe and .dll` file which are the extraction of the HLL debug info from the executable.

The current scheme of creating these packages is inconsistent: on one hand it implicitly creates .dbg files for each .exe/.dll of each RPM that is built, on the other hand the package maintainer needs to manually add the respective sub-pkckage directives to the .spec file.

This needs to be sorted out and automated as much as possible.

#135 fixed Use platform/<name>/macros dmik

It turns out that our current build of rpm doesn't use the /usr/lib/rpm/platform/<name>/macros files (but installs them). It isit is intended that one of them (matching the requested platform) is loaded after processing the main /usr/lib/rpm/macros file to override platform-specific definitions.

Instead of using these files, some platform-specific values as I see are put right into /usr/lib/rpm/rpmrc (like the ones dealing with per-platform optimization options).

We should either make these files work or completely drop them from the distribution.

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